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The idea and passion of becoming a leading player in first person and not just a seller grows from technical knowledge in hides and their features. This is the challenge that Daniele Gastaldello accepted in the late '80s as a producer of solutions for tanning and leather finishing.
Business began first of all in the district of Arzignano, and then grew successfully to include the major tanning centers worldwide.
A company is made of people; success, history and growth derive inevitably from the passion, commitment and creativity that each individual shares with others. This is what the founder has been conveying to all his staff for more than 25 years.
Maintaining the goals of innovation, care to detail, experimenting with new objectivity and without finding fault every day makes respecting clients the main company objective to satisfy.
The ambition of Syn-Bios Spa, through its staff, is to contribute in the development of tannery companies aiming at constant product improvement.
Being at the top has never been as vital as it is today, and never have companies needed excellence more than now.
We are Syn-Bios Spa and our clients’ needs are our daily work.


A structure organised in sections coordinated by management that always work at top speed to satisfy the client’s requests.
  • Management
  • Administration and sales
  • Production
  • Research and development
  • Application laboratory


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